An easier way to identify, share and navigate to any location on the planet

Just What is a GeoKey?


The GeoKey is an easier way to name and share any global location whether it has a mailing address or not. GeoKeys replace complex lattitude and longitude schemes and are much easier to share.  

GeoKeys are fixed format and comprise 4, 4-letter words and key combinations such as COOL BLUE MOON SEAS or AXAS DDDD POOL ERER.

Each GeoKey represents a 1-meter square on the planet's surface. GeoKeys can be used everywhere and without internet connectivity. Furthermore, GeoKeys can also indicate altitude and depth of a location. 

PopCodes can be created which are personalized vanity GeoKeys, linked to a location. An example of a PopCode would be "My Front Door", "Mike's Place", and "Delivery Point #2". PopCodes are memorable, unique, and can accessed with any Mapping / GIS solution.

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Key Features

Simple and Consistent

GeoKeys are fixed format, easy to generate and use with no confusion. GeoKeys use either words or convenient key combinations.


Each GeoKey represents one square meter of the earth's surface, allowing you to identify locations more accuratly than just an address. Also, GeoKeys can be used to indicate altitude and depth.


Private user groups can use GeoKeys by applying their own GeoKeying scheme, supported by PlanetXY, Inc. These private GeoKeys cannot be discerned by public users. 


GeoKeys can be personalized and made memorable by assigning a PopCode to them. A PopCode could be "Mike's Place" or something more business-oriented as "Delivery Point#2". 

Broad User Base

GeoKeys and PopCodes can be used by both consumers and industrial verticals. Please see below for more applications.

Flexible Technology Deployment

We offer flexible business models ranging from GeoKey-as-a-service (GaaS), on-premise solutions, SDKs, mobile apps, white labeling and firmware. 

GeoKeys Support Many Verticals

GeoKeys support many industries


We help all verticals with our GeoKey technology and services.  GeoKeys replace not only complex and foreign mailing addresses, but also the off-map locations that some many industries use. For our vertical markets, PlanetXY provides private GeoKeys that totally anonymize a location for closed user groups.



Farming equipment, asset and inventory, field, vineyard, orchard boundaries, resources, and much more are all tagged with GeoKeys that allow farmers to rapidly and accurately measure their location, share it and easily enter in their navigation devices.



Oil, natural gas and water wells can be mapped with private GeoKeys in remote parts of the world to assure accurate geo-tagging as well as easy retrieval and navigation back to the find with out using complex and ambiguous coordinate systems. 

Transport, Delivery and Logistics


Whether it is a large outside plant, delivery by drone or truck, GeoKeys can help workers retrieve inventory in large outside plants, navigate to a destination by air or road, all using private and public Geokeys, and never a mailing address. 

Energy & Utilities


All utilities whether power or telco manage high volumes of in-field assets, inventory and major infrastructure that require rapid and accurate finding and navigation to. Again GeoKeys allow for accurate and rapid location in finding of these items for this vertical. 



Please contact PlanetXY direct for Government applications and special usage requirements.

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